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Dr. Food Medical Weight Loss


Dr. Food

Medical Weight Loss

Proven Success

Dr. Food is a proven weight loss program with a success rate of over 95%. This success rate incorporates not only the accomplishments of our patients losing their goal weight but also includes the success of them maintaining it as well! We understand patients are tired of the constant yo-yo dieting, so we make sure we deliver long lasting results.

Our Commitment

Our patients lose an average of 10 - 12 lbs. in the first four weeks and 20 - 25 lbs. at the end of our 12-week program. Dr. Food specializes in helping patients who have failed on other diets and is our mission to help those who never thought weight loss was possible.

Exceptional Support

Our hands-on approach to weight loss gives you the close clinical support and accountability that you need to stay on track. Our team consists of highly qualified medical specialists who are committed to help you achieve your weight loss goals. You will work closely with a physician to implement safe, scientifically proven weight loss techniques.


Best of all, our exclusive maintenance program helps you stick to the Dr. Food lifestyle and keep the weight off! To help you achieve this goal, we crafted our signature Maintenance Membership with a variety of key features & resources to help you stay fit.

How it Works

Unique Approach

We offer a variety of programs to help you achieve your goal weight. By considering your medical history and lifestyle, we tailor the program specifically to you. After assessing your background and goals, we provide you with a sustainable plan that targets healthy eating and physical activity.


Our meal plans reduce caloric intake while simultaneously limiting hunger and cravings. With the support of FDA-approved prescriptions and natural supplements, you won’t feel deprived or restricted.


Everyone deserves the opportunity to change their life with Dr. Food, so our programs are priced to fit almost any budget. There are NO start-up fees, long-term contracts, or overpriced meals.

Concierge Design

Our programs are different from other weight loss strategies you might have heard about. We take a concierge approach to weight loss – where the patient always comes first, and care is provided at a personalized level. We’re here for you every step of the way – by a phone call, email, text message, or in person – any time you need us.

Dr. Food offers an Unmatched 5 Star Experience

Time Unwind’s promise is to provide top tier service to all of our clients.  This is why we have partnered with Dr. Food – The Medical Weight Loss experts, who are committed to providing our standard of quality, excellence & results.

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